Let’s Start from ‘ Our Beginning ’

Since few days I have been reading about how everything started for man as I was always fascinated by the facts of facts I.e The beginning of all. So I found a book called as,‘The Truth About History’ by the Reader’s Digest and went on to its first Chapter – Origins of Man . It has some amazing facts about our own ancestral history .The famous representation called as, ‘The ascent of man’ where a chimpanzee is shown to evolve with age to early apes then towards morden apes and finally a man which shows us how a human came into existence by this simple aspect of life . Although we have been mistaken .

It is not as simple as the representation itself .You see the representation does not define the whole truth about the evolution of man .As a matter of fact we were once not the only species (I.e Homo sapiens ) to dominate the world .Alongside were other species too with whom we lived and later survived to be a human. In simple words , we all humans present in the whole world are Homo sapiens but back millions of years ago we lived with other human like species too .One of them was Homo Erectus which had a muscular built more than humans today and were an intelligent species .There were many more species along us and even before our species came into existence.

At the end due to competition for resources of food and shelter or climate changes and unhealing diseases all other species and subspecies ceased to exist .We are truly lucky to be the surviving species .But that does not mean that we are the most successful species yet .As there were some species who survived much longer with evolution and harmony much more than us human’s time on earth .

Well, the journey has never stopped .Evolution never stopped .There is a whole new adventure lying for us to explore in the future.

If you find this topic intresting or you have any suggestions regarding it. Do let me know by commenting .


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